letters | Mr. brown goes to iowa

Brown kicking tires on presidential bid? A tire kicks back

Scott Brown was in Iowa this month, apparently kicking the tires of a possible presidential bid. It seems he presumes that his experience gives him what it takes to be president.

As best I can tell, Brown’s main credentials consist of six years as a representative to the Massachusetts Legislature, focusing on the needs of his district; six years as a state senator; and then an abbreviated term as a US senator, a position to which he was not reelected in November.

Brown’s credentials are not insubstantial, but they do not show the broad vision that I would like to see in a possible presidential candidate.


Americans freely criticize presidents for their actions and decisions, but, let’s face it, it’s a tough job that requires a wide range of knowledge and skills. I feel that it would be presumptuous of Brown to think that a broad swath of the electorate would consider him to have the requisite knowledge and skills at this point.

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Reports of Brown’s visit to Iowa suggested that he would be a long shot, but noted that it was not unprecedented for a losing candidate for the US Senate to win the race for president. Abraham Lincoln did it it in 1860.

However, I would feel comfortable saying to Brown, “You, sir, are no Abraham Lincoln.”

Susan Davis