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Need to ensure healthy homes overshadows quibbles over rules

Our homes are the centers of our lives, and we need healthy housing to build vibrant, strong communities. While it is important to develop a fair implementation of Boston’s new rental reinspection ordinance, the issue should not be framed as a battle between victimized landlords and an autocratic city government (“Owners balk at rental registry,” Page A1, Aug. 27).

Many residents of Boston, particularly those in lower-income neighborhoods and communities of color, continue to pay the price for unacceptable levels of lead and asbestos in their apartments. Inspecting rental properties is essential to combatting the asthma epidemic and securing health equity in Boston.

Property owners should take a deep breath — a luxury they can afford to do — and sit down at the table to craft a lasting policy that works for both landlords and tenants.

Joel Wool