letters | stakes raised in syria

We must act to put an end to crimes inflicted on innocents

If you care about the welfare of other people, and you agree that killing innocent men, women, and children with chemical weapons is a moral outrage, and if you think that the United States is a world leader, then you should support a military attack on Syria.

I am disappointed with our so-called political leaders who question whether the United States should respond to the heinous crime committed by the Syrian army. There should be no doubt that the United States, as one of the strongest nations in the world, should take action.

We should use our military power to inflict sufficient pain on the Syrian army so that President Bashar Assad relinquishes power. In a civilized world, he should no longer be allowed to lead a country, and I hope that ultimately he will be tried for his crimes.


This is not the time for the United States to cower behind meaningless resolutions and statements. We must act militarily to establish that the use of chemical weapons is a crime against all of humanity and that those perpetrating such crimes will be punished by the leaders of humanity.

A. Jackson