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    letters | unions are still alive and kicking

    Teachers’ unions are not enemy of progress

    MOST OF Tom Keane’s meandering diatribe against unions (“Organized labor is on the ropes,” Op-ed, Sept. 1) served as merely an aperitif to his central hatchet job: slamming the Boston mayoral candidacy of Marty Walsh, former head of the Building Trades Council.

    Typical of Keane and his brethren at the Globe, who seem to make it their sworn duty to disparage all things union, while taking a roundhouse at Walsh, Keane also aimed a sucker punch at teachers’ unions, writing, “those who worry about schools have seen teachers’ unions mobilize to block improvements.”

    This attitude has become a cliché for Globe op-ed writers: the petard that teachers’ unions only obstruct education reform, never advance it, when just the opposite is true.


    If only Keane and his ilk sought the truth, they would find it.

    Bruce C. Ditata

    East Wareham