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letters | Does Boston’s skyline need a boost?

Many of the greatest cities lack tall buildings

David L. Ryan/Globe staff/file/Globe Staff

RE “SCARED of heights” (Op-ed, Sept. 3):

Boston has 27 buildings at least 100 meters (or 328 feet) high. That’s more than Vancouver (26), Montreal (20), Barcelona (15), Madrid (13), Berlin and Vienna (10), Amsterdam and Munich (6), St. Petersburg (5), and Budapest, Copenhagen, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, and Venice (2 or less).

These are all considered to be among the world’s great cities. In fact, Rome would get lots of votes for being the world’s greatest city. Yet, by Paul McMorrow's foolish logic, none of them are “world-class.”

No, they are just a bunch of provincial backwaters.

Paul Demakis