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    letters | markey in the middle

    Senator needs to get behind effort to use force in Syria

    Joan Vennochi’s Sept. 8 op-ed column “Senator Courageous? Not Markey” was on the mark. We need profiles in courage, not senators who vote “present.” Edward J. Markey was my congressman, and I contributed to his senatorial campaign. He should vote yes on authorizing President Obama to use force in Syria, or he will lose my support.

    I support the president and his desire for military action against Syria in response to its use of chemical weapons on its own people. Indeed, I am closer to Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham on this issue. I believe that using cruise missiles and sustained bombardment is justified to degrade Syria’s air force and command and control and destroy the weapons that could be used for future attacks.

    There are two simple reasons that transcend all the noise and politics around this debate. As a human being and a Jew, I feel that America cannot let Bashar Assad violate international norms with impunity and gas his own people. The sight of hundreds of children dying horrible deaths brings back to me memories of the more than 1 million Jewish children who died during the Holocaust. We as Americans and Jews must mean what we say, and we say NEVER AGAIN.


    Second, Syrian ally Iran needs to understand that the use of any kind of weapons of mass destruction will not be tolerated. I have mixed feelings about Israel and its policies. That, however, does not mean that Tel Aviv should be threatened. We must show resolve in Syria in order to deter enemies elsewhere.

    A. Eric Rosen