Letters | GOP targets scientific study

Putting a chill into world of research

RE “HOUSE GOP demands Harvard study data” (Page A1, Sept. 7): The subpoena for the raw data behind established science seems like such a transparent attempt to protect polluters’ profits by creating unfounded doubt that one wonders what the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology’s intentions really are.

The ethics of medical and social science research mandate confidentiality for the participants. If the subpoena succeeds in opening respondents’ lives to a partisan fishing expedition, it will be difficult ever to conduct research on such topics again. Perhaps that is the committee’s true aim: ending research on issues of pollution and environmental change.

Apparently congressional Republicans are deaf to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s warning to his fellow members of the GOP, and, in defense of polluters, are willing to take one more step toward transforming themselves into the “Stupid” Party.

Brian Carter

South Hadley