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Obama a master of disharmony

I was happy, and shocked, to read your Oct. 14 front-page article “Obama’s vision of unity led only to wider gap,” regarding President Obama’s failure to bring Americans together in bipartisan harmony.

My family has subscribed to the Globe for decades, even though we are conservative independents. Many times, we have been fed up with what we feel is the Globe’s one-sided view of American politics, and have come close to canceling our subscription many times.

But this article was refreshing. It is about time the Globe has told it like it is. Obama has done far more to divide Americans than bring them together. There is more racism, more class envy, more of everything bad. It is SO nice to see your paper point out that Obama has not done many of the things he promised his voters he’d do. He is more interested in himself and his personal agendas than what America wants — well, half of America, anyway.

Jonelle DeFelice