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    letters | weary of Washington

    Time for term limits across board

    There’s a solution to many of the problems with our government. As it is now, the primary concern of nearly every politician as soon as he or she is elected is getting reelected. Energy is focused on following the party line to keep its support, fund-raising to build a war chest, appropriate photo ops, and so forth. Campaigns start a couple of years in advance of the next election and cost millions that could be put to better use.

    If we limited all positions to, say, a single six-year term of office, all reelection pressure would disappear. Our representatives could concentrate on the real problems of our country, and do what they truly thought was in the best interests of their constituents and the country as a whole.

    The president and some state officeholders are subject to term limits, but it is time to expand that concept. Unfortunately, politics has changed from simply sending the best people to Washington to usually electing whoever has the best political machine in place.


    Universal term limits would replace the career politicians in our government with people who were free to do the best job they could without the pressures they now face.

    William Lawson