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Taxpayers have a right to expect a lot from public employees

Thanks for publishing Alan Wright’s well-written and thoughtful letter, “It’s not union-bashing to care about how public money is spent” (Oct. 22). I think Wright spoke for a great many of us. We don’t have an issue with unions or with workers receiving a living wage and benefits. But we have every right to expect public services to be well run and responsible when we spend public money to provide these services.

That is why taxpayers get upset with the police officer who has his back to traffic while on a work detail or get angry at the less-than-helpful, discourteous attitude we encounter when we visit a state or city department.

We depend on local and state workers for so many services, and we should not have to defend the obvious point that, since our hard-earned tax dollars pay for those services, we should expect the most and the best for our money.

Jim Heskett