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Register bikes, license cyclists

Joan Vennochi’s column about the bicycle/culture wars in Boston accurately sums up the problem but provides no solutions. I like bicycling as much as anyone, but the havoc caused by bicyclists far out of the bicycle lanes, going the wrong way on one-way streets, and even texting at the same time (not an exaggeration; I have witnessed this in the Back Bay) is not to be underestimated.

Bicyclists operate without either licenses or any way to be identified. Why not require any bikes being ridden in the city to carry license plates, sized appropriately of course? That would allow identification of the owner of the bicycle, or if it is rented, the name of the renter. Bicyclists should also be asked to pass some form of test, online perhaps, that reminds them of their obligations as riders, and carry that identification with them.

Cars are a fact of life in Boston. Now bicycles are too. We need rules of the road that make coexistence possible.

Cathy Minehan