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Logan growth an exception

The Boston Globe reported that in 2013 Logan Airport was on track to surpass its international passenger record for the third year in a row (“Logan expects a 3d straight record in 2013,” Business, Dec. 26).

This is surprising for a couple of reasons: No domestic airline has Boston as a major hub. And because the city is so close to New York, most domestic carriers funnel flights through JFK Airport.

The growth is coming from foreign carriers serving Japan, China, Turkey, Dubai, and Portugal. These carriers see Boston as a strong market. Too bad the big three US airlines, Delta, American, and United, are cutting domestic service throughout the country. The real winner at Logan is JetBlue, both because of its international service and its domestic flights.

Growth at Logan is the exception, not the rule. With three major carriers, plus Southwest, controlling 70 percent of the US market, passengers can expect higher prices, fewer flights, and full aircraft on domestic routes. So, you might be able to get a non-stop to Ponta Delgada out of Boston, but not Little Rock, Boise, or Albuquerque.


Greg Raiff
Seabrook, N.H.

The writer is chief executive officer of Private Jet Services.