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letters | next stop, Dukakis Station?

Please, no more confusing names

South Station in 1960.Globe file

SOUTH STATION, located at the southern end of downtown Boston, is a public transportation hub and should not have its name changed (“South Station may be on track for a new name,” Metro, Jan. 31). The existing name does what it is supposed to; it identifies the facility geographically and by function. In addition, it is correct historically, short, and easy for a stranger to remember. It is already tough enough for people to navigate the city’s narrow, twisting colonial streets.

I have nothing against former governor Michael Dukakis, but this idea is inappropriate. As an example of the trouble it could cause, try telling a driver holding up traffic which of two tunnel names to look for when he is trying to get to the airport only a stone’s throw away from downtown.


Giving two names to the Callahan and Sumner tunnels was wrong, and changing South Station’s name would be wrong today.

David C. Sprogis