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Commission must heed Legislature’s intent

I AM writing in response to the Globe’s recent editorial, which insultingly suggests the horse racing community is worthless and goes so far as to lobby the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to disregard legislative intent, eliminate an entire industry, and destroy the livelihood of thousands of people (“If we must build a slot parlor. . . ,” Editorial, Feb. 2).

One of the priorities of the Massachusetts gambling legislation is to create new opportunities for a once-thriving industry, which was founded in the Commonwealth, as it struggles with new economic realities. Neighboring states have done the same with considerable success. Surely, as members of the newspaper industry, the Globe can relate to the need to find new ways to be relevant — which the Globe itself has done by investing in websites and mobile applications.

However, the Globe’s contempt for legislative intent is as offensive as your mischaracterization of our industry. We are an industry of families and hundreds of small businesses with lifetimes committed to hard work on the land of our forefathers. We are an industry of breeders, veterinarians, trainers, and blacksmiths that get up before dawn every day to care for our animals and make an honest living. We are proud of our work and appreciate the respect for our livelihood given to us by our state leaders.

Ed Nowak


Standardbred Owners
of Massachusetts