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    Trinity Church should scrap entrance fee

    RE “FOR the rector, a $3.6m home” (Page A1, Feb. 3): when the Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III left Boston’s Trinity Church for Washington’s National Cathedral, attendance and pledges faltered, leaving the church with an operating deficit.

    Using the deficit as rationale, the church began imposing a $7 entrance fee — ostensibly for tourists. I find the sanctuary at Trinity the most spiritual place in Boston and am drawn to seeking a prayerful respite there whenever possible. More than once, I have felt the burden of proving my intentions to the gatekeeper, even when wearing my church name pin, so as to have the fee waived.

    Now Lloyd has returned, and operations are in the black, yet there has been no apparent move to end the fee. So one of the city’s wealthiest churches taxes the masses to enter its house of worship while indulging its of-the-people rector with a bastion of unimaginable luxury, in a way that hardly squares with the teachings of Jesus.


    Score another black eye for organized religion. If the Lloyd family warrants a $3.6 million home, the purchase should have been funded with private donations. Admission to Trinity should be free to all.

    Timothy D. Green