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Protect animals at future Olympics

NEWS ABOUT the treatment of stray dogs in Sochi, Russia (“Rescuers mobilize as Sochi tries to kill of stray dogs,” Page A1, Feb. 5), should prompt changes at future Olympic Games. The Olympic movement should require that potential host countries agree that in building and maintaining Olympic facilities:

(1) No living creatures, other than rodents, will be euthanized.

(2) Wild or stray living creatures may be removed to comparable or better habitats or adopted, under the supervision of an international animal welfare organization, such as the World Society for the Protection of Animals, chosen and compensated by the Olympic movement.


(3) Humane control methods, including euthanasia, may be used for rodent management only when prevention and control methods have proven unsuccessful, again subject to the supervision of the animal welfare organization.

Patricia A. Petow