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Renewable energy plan needed from power firm

THE EDITORIAL “Salem gas plant must be a bridge, not a barrier” (Feb 5) is a nuanced examination of issues surrounding construction of a gas-fired power plant in Salem. The North Shore’s fuel choices greatly affect residents of that region and far beyond, particularly those in waterfront communities.

The failure of Footprint Power to demonstrate a plan to put renewable energy on the grid is a concern. Without such a plan, Massachusetts is simply trading old, dirty coal for expanded and long-lived fossil fuel plants and pipelines. From extraction to transmission, natural gas is increasingly shown to be a liability for our health and our climate.

Here’s an alternative plan for our energy grid: a mix of transmission upgrades, efficiency, conservation, electrification of the grid and expansion of renewables. This plan is entirely viable so long as we generate the political will to take action.

Joel Wool


The writer is an organizer at Clean Water Action.

The writer is an organizer at Clean Water Action.