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    Businesses bigger than startups need help

    PAUL MCMORROW in his column “Save room for startups that fuel the economy” (Op-ed, Feb. 11) rightly points to the need to support shared workspace for budding tech businesses in Boston and throughout the Route 128 corridor. However, it is also crucial to plan for businesses that are in a middling stage of development — no longer startups, but not yet in the Fortune 500. Many of Boston’s competitor cities struggle to support this sector. As Dan Huttenlocher, founding dean of the Cornell-Technion campus in New York City remarked, the Big Apple is, “the province of the large vertical corporation or the mom-and-pop and very little in-between.”

    Boston should ensure that the “in-betweens” finds a place in the city, by using crowdsourcing to bring together medium-size businesses in search of office space and working with our universities to house incubators near campuses where students can turn their creativity into commerce.

    Andrew L. Kalloch

    New York, N.Y.