Fee pays for upkeep of historic Trinity Church

OUR THANKS go out to Timothy Green of Wellesley for his letter “Trinity Church should scrap entrance fee” (Feb. 10) because it affords our church an opportunity to issue an invitation to anyone passing by our doors. Entrance to Trinity is always free of charge to those visiting for prayer, and we invite all to come be with us. For those interested in self-guided or hosted tours of our building and its art, we do charge a $7 fee and offer $2 discounts for students, seniors and members of the US military. A free tour is offered each Sunday following the 11:15 a.m service.

Heating, lighting, security, and greeting staff are the costs of being not only an open church but a national historic landmark on Copley Square. Since 2002, the fee has helped to defray those costs. We reassess this policy periodically, and research indicates that our fee is in line with, and often less than, those charged by similar historic churches in the United States and abroad.

Kimberlea Tracey


The writer is a member of the Trinity Church Art and Architecture Committee.