Solar will save in Leominster

THE ARTICLE “Solar use will push energy costs up in Mass.” (Page A1, Feb. 12) is a misleading portrayal of the costs and benefits of solar energy. Renewable energy may be a bit more expensive today, but in the end it will help save us from the cyclical ups and downs of carbon-based fuels, which translate directly to electricity costs.

The Leominster Housing Authority was the first in Massachusetts to sign a contract to purchase solar power. Why is this important to Leominster? We have 350 units of affordable housing for seniors. The average rent is just $370 per month and it includes all utilities. Purchasing 55 percent of our energy from solar providers is essential to stabilizing our costs and insuring that we are able to keep our rents affordable.

Looking forward, our agreement has allowed us to project a cost savings of more than $1.4 million dollars over the next 20 years. Purchasing solar energy will save money for taxpayers because we will require far less in subsidies from the state. We applaud Governor Deval Patrick for his foresight in making solar energy a priority for Massachusetts.

Gene Capoccia



The writer is executive director of the Leominster Housing Authority.