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    ‘America Rising’ — much money, no accountability

    I READ with interest “GOP adds for-profit muscle to the fray” (Page A1, Feb. 14) and my immediate thought was the Republicans must not have much faith in their message to voters. Obviously they want to be like the conservative billionaire Koch brothers, who pour money into campaigns to defeat vulnerable elected officials who do not agree with their philosophy.

    It’s no surprise that Mitt Romney, who was recorded during the 2012 campaign voicing his low opinion of 47 percent of the population, strongly endorses this new group, called America Rising.

    One statement in the article by reporter Noah Bierman stands out and should be of concern of every voter about how this group will operate: “As a for-profit, America Rising wants the best of all worlds — unlimited funds, undisclosed contributors, and close coordination with campaigns.”


    This means no accountability to the public for the money it raises and the messages it sends out on behalf of its favored candidates.

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    I am fully aware of the money that is raised for any politician to run for office. But much of this money is monitored by government. America Rising will not be watched. If many are disturbed by what the Koch brothers have done with their fortune, how are they going to feel about this group, which will do whatever it wants with money from the very wealthy?

    I have no ties to any one party. I vote for whoever I think will do the job. But what I don’t want is a group that feels the only way it can ensure a win is to use unlimited amounts of money to put out whatever messages it wants.

    Paula Caravella