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Definitive solution to his parking ticket problem

I AM writing in regard to the visitor parking problem that a couple is having in Cambridge (“Tough policies on visitor parking would make Cupid proud,” Page A1, Feb. 14). People at the Cambridge parking and traffic department are telling Brookline resident Brad Verter to move in with Clementine Feau so he can prevent his car from being ticketed overnight. “We’re in love, and we talk about these things,” Verter said. “But if I do, it’s not because the City of Cambridge tells me to.” He mentioned that his mother agrees he should move in.

My own heartfelt suggestion is that he take this relationship one big step beyond what the City of Cambridge and his mother are advising. He should get married to the woman he loves. Since they’ve been dating for two years, it’s time to use the “M word.”

After 61 years of marriage, I wish to all, the same good luck I had in finding love, through a long and happy marriage, with very few parking tickets to pay.

Iris Kaufman