letters | trouble at DCF — is Roche to blame?

Feel-good firing won’t help DCF

I STRONGLY disagree with Kevin Cullen (“Olga Roche should fall on her sword,” Metro, Feb. 21). From all the references to British resignations in the column, you’d think he was an Englishman at heart.

Whatever happened over there, it has nothing to do with Commissioner Roche. I do not understand why there’s a crusade to fire her or make her resign. All it will do is make people who have no connection with the Department of Children and Families feel better.

Roche fired the workers who failed to make home visits to the family of Jeremiah Oliver, who has disappeared. Although the firings were justified because of the seriousness of their mistakes, it must be noted that the agency is underfunded, and the workers are overworked and underpaid. Roche cannot be blamed for that.

Kevin McNamara