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    Make companies pay for benefits

    THIS LETTER is in response to the editorial about raising the price of a Big Mac by a dollar to pay McDonald’s employees a living wage. (“Fast food workers deserve a livable wage,” Feb. 18). I was struck by a simple potential solution to counter corporate reliance on social programs to keep their employees from being forced to chose among paying the rent, heating their homes, or buying food.

    Send the corporations a bill. Cross reference the recipients of all forms of public assistance to the employee earnings. Make the requisite adjustments for terms of employment that are less than the full year, as well as for “excessive” numbers of dependents, tack on an administrative charge, and levy the appropriate fee against the Walmarts, McDonalds, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Burger Kings of this world. Then the money spent to maintain employees at a subsistence standard of living can go back to the public coffers, where it rightly belongs. These huge corporations will quickly figure out it will be cheaper to give employees a hefty raise and adjust their prices accordingly.

    Tom Williams

    West Roxbury