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Starved agency can’t do its job

MICHAEL KRANISH’S article “IRS is overwhelmed by identity theft fraud” (Page A1, Feb. 16) raised my blood pressure. How could a tax cheat stupid enough to advertise her successes on Facebook have gotten away with her crimes for so long?

The IRS knows what steps need to taken: better training of IRS agents, real-time computer checking of returns with bank and employer records, and more personnel to do this work. All this costs money, but the IRS budget is getting cut each year. That’s the real outrage.

One of our political parties is anti-government and anti-tax. Major forces guiding Republicans, including the Tea Party and the Club for Growth, seek to discredit our government in ways that include making the IRS — collector of the people’s’ assets — increasingly ineffectual. If you don’t like tax cheats, don’t vote for their enabler, the PTR — Party for The Rich, formerly the GOP.

Mark Bridger