THE NEWS from Israel/Palestine is even more disheartening than usual, but a few things mentioned, or not mentioned, in the news article “Youth’s death sparks clashes” (July 3) stand out.

One is that, in searching for the killers of the three Jewish teenagers, Israeli forces have not only arrested “more than 400 alleged terror operatives” but also killed “at least five Palestinians.” Israeli forces have killed more people than were killed in the original crime.

The teenagers were hitchhiking home from Jewish religious schools in the West Bank. Not mentioned is the fact that there should be no such schools in that area, which is supposed to be part of a Palestinian state, already shrunken from what was promised by the United Nations in 1947. The West Bank today is so riddled with Israeli settlements that it cannot, as configured now, be a Palestinian land.


The Palestinians — who have no army, navy, or air force and little control over the places where they live — need security at least as much as Israelis. The great preponderance of violence comes from Israel, well-armed with US tax money.

Eva S. Moseley