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    East Boston needs allies to fight casino

    THANK YOU for supporting East Boston’s continuing struggle against the Gaming Commission in the editorial “Walsh deal with Suffolk Downs: Eastie residents should lobby Gaming Commission,” July 10). The entire city has been ignored and insulted by the commission at every turn since we in East Boston voted against a casino at Suffolk Downs in November. We have availed ourselves of every possible opportunity since that time to engage the Gaming Commission through letters, formal written comments, personal appearances, and media coverage.

    Yet the commission remains determined to site a massive resort casino on the Boston city line, against the voters’ will and Mayor Walsh’s concerns. Either of the two Boston-area proposals would cause irreparable harm to nearby neighborhoods. East Boston would bear the brunt of the traffic, pollution, and other widespread social ills that will inevitably accompany the casino at Suffolk Downs, which is poised to go forward despite our vote.

    While the commission may be beyond redemption, blame must fall squarely on our local elected representatives. Both of our legislators and our city councilor lobbied for a casino at Suffolk Downs. Once the casino plan was defeated, they refused to publicly stand by our vote in November beyond a tepid letter or two.


    While we appreciate Mayor Walsh’s efforts, he should never have been our only official source of support. The only way to protect Boston from predatory casino development will be to repeal the misguided law in November and work to fill the vacuum in leadership which created and sustained this fiasco.

    Matt Cameron

    East Boston