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Boston city councilors work hard and deserve a raise

WHEN I read that the Boston City Council wanted to vote themselves a pay raise (“State sours on council pay hikes,” Metro, Sept. 18), I thought, what took them so long? I understand that many people have gone longer than eight years without a pay raise, but that should not disqualify the council from receiving a pay bump.

As a former St. Marks Area Civic Association president from 2008 to 2011, I have dealt with the City Council and many other elected officials at our meetings and conferences. I have always found them to be responsive and effective. These officials attended our meeting and most likely proceeded to another meeting when ours adjourned.


Most neighborhood meetings are held after business hours, and since each neighborhood’s meeting is on a different weeknight, that means that an elected official may spend all their waking hours tending to city business.

Tom Leahy