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Boston councilor salary review panel isn’t a new idea — it already exists

CITY COUNCILORS Michelle Wu and Josh Zakim proposed creating a citizen review commission to oversee any pay raises that city councilors would receive ("Debate continues on pay raise for Boston City Council," Sept. 18). The problem is, such a body already exists — but nobody pays attention to it. The city's municipal code describes the Boston Compensation Advisory Board, consisting of five mayoral appointees.

Wu and Zakim's idea is not novel, and accomplishes nothing further than what already exists. Just last year this Compensation Advisory Board suggested that the councilors make $95,000, a mere 8.6 percent increase from their current salary. Unfortunately, this figure has been lost among the city councilors. So what's the point of creating further bureaucracy that the council won't listen to anyway?


Perhaps the $95,000 just isn't satisfactory for them.

Donald Fadel
Hyde Park