YVONNE ABRAHAM got it right. (“Charlie Baker’s ‘sweetheart’ problem,” Metro, Sept. 24). Baker, Republican candidate for governor, was patronizing, and Sharman Sacchetti, Fox 25 reporter, was offended. On the tape, Sacchetti reacts to Baker’s “Last one, sweetheart” with “Sweetheart, really?” in a tone of disbelief. Good for her!

Most of the time when men put women in her situation, we are unwilling to voice our anger and frustration. Internally we think, “Really? This guy who is my boss, or coming to me for publicity, or is asking me to do something, doesn’t even value me, or my work, enough to use my name?’” Then comes a quick mental calculation that the job and the paycheck are worth more than letting this man know what his words are saying to us. We ignore the slight.


This November, however, Baker is looking to the women of Massachusetts for a job as governor, and we can tell him loud and clear what his lack of respect means to us.

Catherine Bumpus
Woods Hole