letters | US launches strikes in Syria

War on terror never ends, just like US arrogance

AMERICAN ARROGANCE is never-ending, just like the war on terror (“Air war in ISIS fight gets guidance from Cape,” Page A1, Sept. 24).

I wonder how people on Cape Cod would feel if a world power with unlimited military muscle decided to bomb the Cape by using surveillance drones piloted from thousands of miles away.

These surveillance methods have wrongly targeted children, funerals, and weddings, and have caused thousands of people to be killed during the past decade of war.

The war on terror has caused havoc, the dislocation of millions, and more deaths than have ever been acknowledged by the United States. This war has created scores of enemies against us and is the root cause of the barbarism of ISIS. We created the conditions for them to develop and thrive, and the only answer we can offer is more bombing.


This madness needs to stop, and the voices of peace and reason need to be heeded.

Thea Paneth