letters | should hospitals make staff get flu shots?

Nurses’ refusal a danger to themselves, families

NURSES WHO refuse to be vaccinated have no idea that they are exposing themselves and their families to great danger (“Brigham and Women’s Nurses sue over flu shot mandate,” Metro, Sept. 25).

I worked as a respiratory therapist in an acute care hospital in 2009. I brought the H1N1 influenza virus home after working one weekend. My wife and I both got sick. I got better. She did not. She now suffers from pulmonary hypertension and is on supplemental oxygen for severe shortness of breath. We lost our house. We lost our car. We declared bankruptcy. We both strongly believed in getting flu vaccinations, but none was available at the time to protect against the H1N1 virus.


Unless there is a specific medical exception from the infectious disease department, everyone who works in a hospital should be required to get a flu vaccination.

Tom Chapman