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Here’s how to really divest from fossil fuels

Rail cars unload crude oil in Albany, N.Y, in 2013.Matthew Cavanaugh for The Boston Globe

AFTER READING the article by three Harvard law students proposing that the Harvard Corporation divest from its investments in fossil fuels it occurred to me that the students have not gone far enough (“Harvard must divest from fossil fuels,” Op-ed, Nov. 20).

Students should not use any heat at Harvard generated by fossil fuels and therefore should not live in heated dorm rooms. They should do their homework and class preparation by candlelight or moonlight to keep from using electricity generated by gas-fired power plants.

Until renewable energy can provide a significant amount of all the heat and electricity needed to run the university, students have to rely on fossil fuels to provide for their needs. They should find other ways to persuade the university to meet the challenges of global climate change.


Kenneth G. Fettig