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Desperate plea for ‘House of Cards’

AN OPEN letter to Netflix during the third 2015 Boston Blizzard:

We, the people of Boston, urge you to release the third season of “House of Cards” one week early. We need this. Our cars and fences have been swallowed by snow. The MBTA has surrendered. Dunkin’ Donuts is closed. Whole Foods is sold out of kale. For two days, we’ve only eaten Campbell’s tomato soup. We’re in our pajamas. We’ve been in them for days, making sock puppets and shoving crayons and Twinkies at our children; we are convinced they are never going to back to school.

We need the cool, calculated stare of Robin Wright. What does she wear to Frank’s swearing in? How does she look so good in white? We urge you to give us Frank. We need to see him break the fourth wall, to turn to us and remind us that there is life beyond the couch. Give us an out. A way through. Release “House of Cards” early. Just for us. For one day only. It’s not too much to ask.


Kat Gonso
Jamaica Plain