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THANK YOU to Joan Vennochi for her March 31 op-ed column about John Fish and the Olympic bid (“2024’s main force is also its liability”). She quoted Fish as saying, “You need to have your head examined” if you don’t understand what the Olympics can do positively for, say, Franklin Park. We who live near Franklin Park have quite well-examined heads about why the Olympics should not take place there.

The park is part of the Emerald Necklace, a legacy of the great American landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted, whose intention it was to create a beautiful green space for the residents of Boston. The park was designed to be a place where people could gain relief from the intensity of the city, and become refreshed and spiritually restored.


Today, Franklin Park embodies much of that vision. People of all ages, ethnicities, and income levels walk their dogs, picnic, explore the woods with family and friends, play various sports, visit the zoo, and run cross country. There are festivals and concerts. It is the sanctuary Olmsted envisioned.

It needs maintenance, preservation, and conservation, NOT development or “legacy.” These are fancy words for: Let us build on and pave over Eden. I say NO.

Lee Glenn
Jamaica Plain