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letters | the olympic push — and pull

Our area would strain under weight of Olympics

I am a citizen of Cohasset, and I have been following the debate in the Globe over whether Boston should host the 2024 Olympics. I would like to express concern about the effects it could have on the city and surrounding areas.

The one that concerns me the most is the effect on infrastructure. Our state capital was laid out in the 19th century, and it has been straining under the burden of increased population ever since. Imagine how our systems would perform if hundreds of thousands of visitors came to Boston at once.

My second concern is all the money put into hosting. I feel that if we have to do the Olympics here, the government would have to get the money somewhere, and the focus would be on that instead of important things such as education and expanding the area’s infrastructure.


Andrew M. Hoadley

The writer is a sixth-grader at Cohasset Middle School.