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Re “BOARD named for 2024 effort” (Page A1, April 23): The Olympic boosters persist in selling us on how great it would be for Boston to host the 2024 Summer Games. Sure, it’s such a terrific idea to host a world-class event in a metropolitan area that can’t even service its own population without daily traffic and mass transit headaches — problems that would become even more challenging when Olympic traffic clogs every major highway and roadway. Isn’t that going to be a load of fun?

Instead of figuring out how to assure that the taxpayers aren’t left with huge debt and a bad hangover after the party leaves town, these showmen have simply assembled a bevy of stars they hope will dazzle us, while they continue their negotiations in the shadows.

It is well past time to seriously consider just how embarrassing, costly, and crippling to our entire region this fiasco might become.

Lew Nathan