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Look beyond assumptions of community college

I TAKE issue with Shirley Leung’s characterization of the students who attend Bunker Hill Community College (“No ivy in this league, just success,” Business, May 8).

Community college students are more than “kids . . . who either couldn’t get into four-year institutions or couldn’t afford to attend one.” Often they are STUDENTS, not always minority, who, for reasons of their own, could not adjust to a four-year environment; many, often minority, went to four-year colleges and couldn’t adjust to diminished expectations and ostracization; many are older adults who must wedge education between family and work; many are older adults who were unfairly tracked in their early education. Many — again, for reasons of their own — decided on their career path later in their lives, and use community college as a place to test whether to change professions.

Community colleges are sometimes devalued by those who don’t take the time to see beyond the word “community.”

Contributing to a false assumption diminishes human beings who are looking into the eyes of an often-unwelcoming higher-education system and not blinking.

Beverly Mire