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letters | Boston’s Olympic bid

Calling critics children is childish

SHIRLEY LEUNG could hardly have been more insulting to the entire city of Boston by portraying Olympic opposition to that of 2-year-olds throwing temper tantrums (“Dear US Olympic Committee,” A1, May 22). Leung and I have something in common: Neither one of us is native to Boston. Speaking on behalf of Bostonians she wrote, “we” love to hate and “we” love to complain.

But my experience is that the pride of Boston comes not only from the obvious sources such as hometown sports teams, but also from collective action that benefits the city and pushing back against powerful interests until those interests are in line with those of residents. Yes, opposition to the games are common and loud, but are also full of very thoughtful questions and concerns.


By depicting such constructive criticism as coming from children throwing tantrums, Leung could not have painted a more distorted picture of the character of this city.

Jason Blanchette Dorchester