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letters | Boston’s Olympic bid

Dear USOC: Pay no attention to Shirley Leung

DEAR USOC: By now, you’ve probably figured out that Shirley Leung is your biggest cheerleader (“Dear US Olympic Committee,” A1, May 22). She tells you not to listen to the complaining, that really, we do want you, really.

But at best, she’s half right. Lots of us aren’t just grousing. We know that the years of noise and pointless inconvenience will just lead to three weeks of price-gouging, traffic nightmares, and overbearing security, with the reward of years of bills to face afterward. There’s a reason people think twice about throwing parties — they cost a ton of money and they’re no fun for the host.


Shirley may not want you to listen to us. But you’ll be making a mistake if you don’t.

Dear USOC: Pay no attention to Shirley Leung.

Sam Bayer, Cambridge