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Don’t tell us what ‘we’ think, Globe

DEAR SHIRLEY Leung and Boston Globe Editors: You may think you speak for Bostonians, ("Dear US Olympic Committee," A1, May 22), but you don't know Boston. We who live or work here are not the emotion-driven curmudgeons you insultingly portray us to be. We actually have some brains in our heads. Up there in your newsroom where you are so obviously chummy with your construction industry friends, the Olympic bid seems so groovy.

You remember the Big Dig as a wonderful success story; we also remember the vast cost overruns, the leaks, and the falling tiles. Speaking of overruns, you should take a look at the history of those for most Olympic host cities. Yes, we will be, and should be "stingy" and worried about using taxpayer funds to bail out a sporting event that benefits the few, while our schools, public health care systems, and transportation infrastructure creak and groan.


You forgot to mention one other great aspect of our city: the large number of educational institutions. That means that we can do the math.

Julie A. Nelson Arlington