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Empty World Cup stadiums a warning for Boston

The Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro was one of the venues used for the 2014 World Cup.AFP/Getty Images/file 2013

The 2014 World Cup cost soccer-hungry Brazil $3 billion to build and refurbish stadiums. One year later, just about all of the stadiums are either empty or losing money, even those used by teams. The country's minister of sports called it a dismal failure. Keep in mind that all of the politicians and those with a vested interest in making money off the games swore the games would be a financial success and that the capital improvements and new building initiatives would benefit the people of Brazil.

Those who are trying to convince Bostonians of the value of hosting the Olympics have not presented any detailed plans as to the funding of the games nor have they provided any evidence, other than rhetoric, as to the ultimate, concrete value of hosting the games. Even China and Russia, where the governments controlled everything about their respective Olympics, including unlimited funds, are reeling from the post Olympic negative effects.


David Pesapane

Westbrook, Conn.