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While I have no reason to doubt Representative Seth Moulton’s story (“In effort to fix woes in VA care, Moulton taps own experience,” Page A1, June 5), his comments would hold more weight if he also addressed the performance of Congress. It is, after all, Congress that authorized two wars and then expanded eligibility for VA health care without providing the corresponding funds. Perhaps the new congressman could offer his critique of the do-nothing Congress in as public a forum as he offers his critique of the Veterans Affairs health system.

Only when Moulton mentions the failures of Congress to provide funding for increased veteran services can he be seen as an objective observer. Until then he is a part of the problem.

Devote time to improving the VA, but acknowledge that it will happen only as Congress cleans up its act.

William F. O’Brien, Eastham

The writer is a retired chief of VA mental health services in Dayton, Ohio.