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I had to do a double take when I read Boston 2024 chairman Steve Pagliuca’s comments on why the group hasn’t done more work on its proposed Olympics referendum (“Baker suggests referendum could come before presidential election,” Page A1, July 1). According to Pagliuca, it’s because “basically, we’re trying to stay out of politics.”

Boston 2024 is a thoroughly political operation. With a payroll made up of a who’s who of political consultants, the participation of former leaders of the state Democratic and Republican parties, a Patrick administration alumni association leadership team, legal advice from the most politically wired attorney in town, a state senator on the board, and a growing list of other prominent individuals, it’s laughable to suggest that Boston 2024 is trying to stay out of politics.

No matter who’s involved in Boston 2024, the group has consistently made misleading statements to the public. This latest whopper leads to the obvious question: Do these people think all of us are this clueless?


Evan Falchuk, Auburndale

The writer, chairman of the United Independent Party, is leading a ballot effort that would prevent public money from being used for the 2024 Summer Olympics.