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Postal Service is prepared to reach accord over Fort Point site

Your Aug. 5 editorial, “An expanded South Station is possible — without help from the Post Office,” provides a misleading view of the Postal Service’s role in efforts to redevelop postal-owned land in the Fort Point Channel area.

The Postal Service has been engaged with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and other governmental entities interested in the Postal Service’s General Mail Facility property on Dorchester Avenue for a number of years in order to reach an agreement that will serve the interests of the community while also adequately protecting the interests of the Postal Service.

The Postal Service, realizing the importance of this project to national, state, and local interests, including the public, has spent millions of dollars of its limited funds to move this project forward.

In early 2011, the Postal Service and MassDOT signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the transaction. The memorandum was the product of negotiations between the parties, and reflects terms to which the Postal Service and MassDOT mutually agreed. The memorandum represents a fair approach for all interested stakeholders.


The Postal Service continues to be interested in honoring the original arrangement, which would allow the project to move forward rapidly for the benefit of all involved.

Tom Samra, vice president, facilities

US Postal Service, Washington