We read with interest the Oct. 12 op-ed “Boring cityscapes are bad for your health” and support improved city design. New development continues to activate the Greenway District, with the new Boston Public Market and outdoor restaurant patios bringing terrific street life. But the authors’ notion that the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway is “sparsely populated” is simply outdated.

Last year 1,023,000 trackable visitors enjoyed the Greenway Carousel, food trucks, free Wi-Fi, and events, up from 96,000 in 2009. In addition, visitors from near and far pack the organic lawns, splash in the fountains, and have gazed up at the Janet Echelman sculpture.

We invite your readers to join the lunch crowds at Dewey Square Park underneath the fourth Greenway Wall mural. They are healthy, lively, and engaged.

Jesse Brackenbury
Executive director

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Greenway Conservancy