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    letters | clash in the name of care at Boston hospital

    It was critical to him to be assured his surgeon would be singly focused

    The Globe is to be applauded for the front-page Spotlight story “Clash in the name of care.” As someone who had hip replacement surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital in March, it was particularly gratifying, though not at all surprising, to learn that my surgeon, Dr. Dennis Burke, has been the champion of the highest standards of patient care.

    Prior to the surgery I had asked him if he would be operating in more than one room at the time of my surgery, because that was a concern of mine. He was unequivocal that I would be his only patient.

    That reassurance was critical for me, having suffered life-changing nerve damage during so-called routine hip replacement surgical care in December 2012 and January 2013 at another Boston hospital.


    Burke’s termination at MGH was completely unjust, and the Globe has done a great service to the medical profession and to the patient community in bringing this to light. He is not only a skillful surgeon but, more important, a man whose integrity is not for sale.

    Michael J. Connolly

    West Roxbury

    The writer is former Massachusetts secretary of state.