There is a way to get congressional Republicans to tackle climate change (“Rubio and the carbon tax,” Scot Lehigh, Opinion, Nov. 6). Our nonprofit met individually with 175 Senate and House members, or their aides, to sound them out on this centrist approach: Enact a carbon fee, and use half the revenue from that fee to drop the corporate tax rate, the highest in the industrial world, from 35 to 25 percent. Most of the other revenue could go to low- and middle-income Americans to protect them from slightly higher energy prices. Finally, encourage global adoption with a border tax adjustment.

We focused on Republicans, and most were receptive to this concept. They need to hear from business leaders in their constituencies who think this is a practical solution. With the Paris conference just weeks away, the world is looking for creative compromise.

George T. Frampton Jr.

Partnership for
Responsible Growth