Dante Ramos’s piece in last Sunday’s Globe hits home (“The Bold and the Brutal”). I worked at Boston City Hall during 10 of its earliest years. I have always considered it a dysfunctional building, with employees in the nether floors living not unlike people in a book my children read many years ago, “The City of Ember,” where everything is dark and below ground.

Yet when researching my 2013 book, "Turmoil and Transition in Boston," I concluded that the construction of Government Center was the first of many steps that resulted in the Boston we know today. In my opinion, but for Government Center there would have been no Quincy Market. But for Quincy Market, the Central Artery would probably never have been depressed, and but for the depression of the Central Artery and the creation of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, the seaport would not have been opened up to development.

We should all encourage bold public architecture now and in the future.

Lawrence S. DiCara
Jamaica Plain

The writer is a former Boston city councilor.