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Envisioning an impact from GE that reaches all among us

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Jon Chesto’s piece on the courting of General Electric (“To land GE, a big, glossy pitch,” Page A1, Jan. 15) touched on some of the ways in which our newest corporate citizen could benefit the area. Jobs, infrastructure improvements, and boosting our innovation sector are worthy of celebration, but let’s think more broadly.

Consider the potential for GE to play a major role in fueling our education pipeline in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, particularly in ways that engage girls and kids from communities of color. Consider the potential for GE to locate part of its footprint in an emerging innovation hub like Dudley Square, or the potential for the company to make diverse hires and contract with women- and minority-owned vendors.

We join in the chorus of business and civic leaders welcoming GE to our community, look forward to the growth that our soon-to-be neighbor will generate, and encourage all of us to think about how to truly maximize the impact of this important new Boston player.


Jesse Mermell
Executive director
Alliance for Business Leadership